No toughness, no medical facility 2023年1月1日

Japan has many earthquakes.  In fact, We have experienced tragic earthquake disasters.  In the Great East Japan Earthquake, it was the first case that had happened in daytime.  It means that there are patients who were opened the anesthesia on the operating tables.  In such emergency,  we wonder if medical personnels can evacuate with the patients under the anesthesia on the operating tables, or leave alone.

Therefore, we must build strong facilities resistant to any disasters so we will not leave the patients to their death beds.

Medical facilities are not that without toughness.

Hiromitus Soeda PhD DDS
Soeda Group/Heart Oral Surgery
1-11-24Sakuradai Isehara Kanagawa259-1132 Japan

添田博充 医学博士
医療法人社団添田グループ ハート歯科