No sterilized condition, no medical facility 2020年8月19日

We must keep the sterilized condition inside medical facilities, because there are places where people with weakenes immune system come and be in an aphylaxis condition due to getting operated.

Therefore we keep our facility in a sterilized condition utilizing the newest technology for positive-pressure ventilation, UV radiating inside the whole facility at night,  private room examination, ClassB autoclave, etc.

Further more, it is most important for the medical personnels to stay healthy and hygienic as in the end, it is people whom carry bacteria and viruses.  For example, we require our medical personnels come to work using their private car and to have a shower in the morning, because It is essential not to carry bacteria from their bacteria-rich beds and be exposed during their commune.

We obtain cooperation from patients to pass air blow shower, disinfect their hands with alcohol before entering our facility and have them gargle rinse their mouth with chlorhexidine.

However medical personnels will be exposed to bacteria and viruses as long as they treat.  If a medical personnel were to touch the surgical field with their hands which unconsciously touched their masks or gowns exposed to bacteria, it would lead to contaminating the patients.  Therefore we thoroughly distinguish usage of each of our fingers properly between clean and unclean fingers even when we aren’t changing our groves.

Since infection means the virus or bacteria proliferates exceeding one’s immunity level, exposure does not necessarily mean been infected right away. However, as medical facilities are not meant to be a place to visit to become sick, we should trace the micro-organisms with special knowledge of  microbiology our naked eyes can not recognize and not neglect being overly cautious.